Searching No Longer

July 11, 2018
In Afghanistan, after receving teaching from a believer and dreams about Jesus a man gives his life to Jesus.

Here is a testimony from Afghanistan:In Afghanistan, I was teaching a young man in my class that was very spiritually hungry. He comes from a strong Muslim family. He said his mom is so passionate about her religion, she is like a mullah! Other relatives are officials and memorize the Koran. They are very fundamental. He came to me, and we started doing Bible studies together. Halfway through before we even got to Jesus, while we were discussing God�s law and sin, he started asking me the hard questions about things that are the most offensive to Muslims, like, �How can Jesus be the son of God? Do you believe in multiple gods?� As I answered, I could see distress come over his face. I wondered if I had shared too much too soon even though we had known each other for about six months. He had so much pain in his face. At the end, he asked me to promise never to stop teaching him from the Holy Book. Muslims have erroneous teachings about what we believe because they have never talked to a Christian. They just believe what their leaders tell them. He said, �My family doesn�t want me to be at this school because they feel something else might be going on, but as long as there is an ounce of life in one of my cells, I will keep coming here.� Not too long after that he texted me and said, �Hey, teacher. I had a dream. Please pray for me.� I knew it was something serious because he had had a dream before that I gave him a Bible and God told him to study it. He shared that one kind of casually but now he was messaging me and asking for prayer. In this second dream, he was in a pit and was crying out for help and praying, but none of his family could hear him or no one was responding. Then he thought, �I�ll pray in Jesus� name.� He prayed in Jesus� name, and immediately I came to him in the dream with two believers. I threw a rope to him and pulled him out of the pit. Then I took his hand and led him up a glorious mountain. From there, I handed him over to another man who was tall, powerful and strong but, in his words, �good.� I asked him if he knew who that man was. After we talked a little bit, he said he knew that it was Jesus. He told me, �Teacher, I told you I am searching. And I�m not going to make a decision until I know for sure what is the truth. But God gave me this dream two times, so I am no longer searching. I must follow Jesus.� I did not lead him in the �sinner�s prayer� because he made a choice already in his heart to follow Jesus. We just prayed together, repenting and dedicating his life to follow Jesus�what it�s all about!About a week or two after he had this dream and came to Christ, he had another dream about the person who had invited him to this school and instead of being rescued, he was the one rescuing the other guy. After he shared the dream with me, he said, �I can�t tell anyone about following Jesus. You know how dangerous it is for me.� I said, �Let�s just ask God what He thinks.� After asking God what he should do, he shared, �God, told me I have to share with my family and others about Christ.�It�s so beautiful, I�m just doing what I am supposed to do; I�m teaching and praying, but God is the one changing their hearts.

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