Afghans Coming to Jesus

July 11, 2018
Muslims in Afghanistan give their hearts to Jesus.

In Afghanistan, there are guys that Christians are warned not to talk to because they are too steeped in Islam. One of those guys ended up coming to Christ and has been baptized. The people we lead to Christ and our friends who are leading to Christ are now being discipled and trained in how to share Christ with others. Another place where I teach is run by a believer, whom I have been discipling for years. His younger brother was against God. His brother and I prayed for him for a while. Then this last year it seemed to happen quickly; his heart changed and he began to be hungry for God. I gave him the Gospel of Luke to read. A little while later, he told me he had had a dream. He was reading the Gospel of Luke and fell asleep. He then dreamed he was in a beautiful garden and saw someone afar off whom he believed was Jesus. He saw Jesus turning to leave, and he said, "Without words, I heard in my heart, 'Follow Jesus.'" He then decided to follow Jesus because of the dream he had had.

Afterward, his older brother said to me, "I also had a dream that you baptized him." The following week, his older brother and I baptized him, a fulfillment of that dream. At the baptism, the other believers prophesied over him. I've been doing training in hearing God's voice, and I taught them to ask, "God, what do you think about this person? What do you like about them? What is something you want to do in their life?" People who have come into God's Kingdom and have already had encounters with Jesus or dreams of Him know He speaks, so they do not have to be taught. They just need some simple guidance, and then they are listening and hearing His voice for themselves.

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