Family Reconciliation in Answer Prayer

June 29, 2017
A lady at Bethel sees her prayers and intercession for her family reconciliation answered.

Thank you, Jesus! My faith for family reconciliation grew after I started attending Bethel in August of 2014. I would worship over my family, give thanks, make declarations, and get others to pray.  Suddenly, I started to see fruit! My brothers miraculously reconciled near Easter, following the corporate fast, after over six years of little to no contact. Their kids met for the first time! A few of the younger kids met their uncles and aunts for the first time, too! Also, one of my brothers had not spoken to me for the last eight months. Yesterday, we reconciled, too! We had a family BBQ with all the kids! It was the first time we've done this in over six years! I saw my brothers laughing and smiling together! I am in awe and wonder at the King of kings!  I'm so thankful for a community that believes there are no hopeless situations! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Bethel Church for sowing into me and my family! Thank you, Pastor Bill, for teaching me how to strengthen myself in the Lord and countless other kingdom truths/keys. Our history is forever changed! Glory to God! Perfect love reigns!

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