Family Restored After a Word of Knowledge from a Stranger

December 29, 2016
A word of knowledge from a BSSM pastor leads a woman to Jesus and brings family restoration.

A BSSM pastor, Lindsay Coil, shared this testimony:

I went to the bathroom at the airport. As I was washing my hands, a young woman asked me if I was Chinese. I smiled and politely said, "No, I'm Filipino." As we were chatting, I began to get a few words of knowledge. I received two Chinese names and asked if they meant anything to her. The woman said, "Yes they do! They're the names of my nephews. "Wow!" I said, "I also keep getting 'three years,' and 'skating rink.' Do those words mean anything to you?" Teary-eyed and looking shocked, she answered, "It was about three years ago that I last saw my nephews, and we all went ice skating. I'm not on good terms with my sister, so I haven't seen them in a while. How did you know?" Long story short, I got to pray with her regarding her sister and had the privilege of leading her to Jesus! She was so encouraged that she called her sister right after and asked if she could see her soon. So now they are spending Christmas together! Let's just say there were tears involved. I love God's heart for family restoration. It never gets old. So if you need family or friendship restoration, I release this testimony to you. God's heart is for family and connection!

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