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Future Bethel Campus

Expanding Our Capacity To Bring Heaven to Earth

Welcome! And thanks for your interest to Arise and Build for the increase of God’s Kingdom. It’s so exciting to share what God is doing through partners like you to make His Presence known on earth, so please take a moment to watch the video below. 

This new campus will be a catalyst for our biblical mandate to disciple the nations (Matthew 28:19), and we believe global revival is exactly what God has in mind!

So pray with confidence. Pray with faith. And pray with expectation as you ask God to raise up a massive outpouring of support from around the world to accelerate and complete this building project – starting with the construction of this first building.

And if you’d like to partner with us in preparing the way for what’s ahead through your financial support today, thank you for stepping out in faith for the sake of God’s Kingdom.

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Arise & Build

We are building a new campus. Help bring heaven to earth and invest in the future.

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About Bethel Church of Redding

Founded in 1954 and previously a part of the Assemblies of God, Bethel Church is a non-denominational church in Redding, California with a congregation of almost 10,000 people (including members, regular attendees, students, and children) in a city of approximately 91,000. To learn more about Bethel, we invite you to read our statement of faith and core values, discover our weekend service times, and listen to recent messages.


Landing Pages

January 27, 2023

Hope for Redding

Get empowered to carry the hope of Christ to your community! Learn more about the Pick, Pray, Pursue training and Jesus Dinners.

November 11, 2022

Bethel New York

Bethel New York is a church plant of Bethel Redding. We exist to host God’s glory, to provide a sanctuary for Him to meet humanity, and to build a community to see transformation in ourselves and in others. 

October 30, 2022

Holidays at Bethel

Bethel family, come celebrate the light of God’s presence and warmth of His love at our holiday events!