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Hope for Redding

Jan 27, 2023

Get empowered to carry the hope of Christ to your community!

Like much of the world, Redding has experienced distress, hopelessness, and heartbreak in the last two years. Kids have wrestled with anxiety, families have faced division, and many are attempting to climb out of a dark place. But the Lord has promised to arise as the light of the world over His people, dispelling the darkness and healing hearts. He alone is mighty to save!

We are calling on the Body of Christ at Bethel Church to stand together and let their light shine at their workplace, school, and family by responding to this epic moment. The hope you have in Jesus has the power to transform our city.

Thirsty people are looking for someone to help end their personal drought with a story of hope—a story of how God broke through for them. And every believer has a testimony that gives hope and awakens people to God’s love for them. This is why this season, we have created a plan to empower thousands of believers to shine amongst their friends, family, and co-workers.

From February 12 - April 2, 2023, our church is choosing to create spaces in our lives where the world around us can experience the Living Hope that has transformed who we are. 

Here are two ways to reach Redding:


Get activated to reach specific people in your life by participating in the Pick, Pray, Pursue training.

Follow along with our church for eight weeks as we ask God to highlight people, places, and communities that He wants to encounter with hope. As we pray, God will begin to reveal how to pursue these relationships so that we can share the hope that has changed our lives! You will receive weekly emails with videos and content that will guide you through each step as we release Hope in Redding! 

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Host a Jesus Dinner with your friends and family for four weeks.

By inviting people over for a meal, you get to create a welcoming space where people who have not yet encountered Jesus can come hear about how He has changed you and your friends lives. These four weeks will be preceded by four weeks of training and equipping from our Community Life, Outreach, and Evangelism teams. Gather your friends and family, create a welcoming space in your home, and invite those around you who haven’t yet encountered Jesus to share a meal and learn about the life-changing hope of Jesus.

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About Bethel Church of Redding

Founded in 1954 and previously a part of the Assemblies of God, Bethel Church is a non-denominational church in Redding, California with a congregation of almost 10,000 people (including members, regular attendees, students, and children) in a city of approximately 91,000. To learn more about Bethel, we invite you to read our statement of faith and core values, discover our weekend service times, and listen to recent messages.


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