Bethel Redding Weekend Recap

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Bethel Redding Weekend Recap

Jun 10, 2022

Each one of us has been called to Redding under the banner of presence and revival. We are partnering with God's wild plan to make the earth look like heaven, and we are all integral to that. It's time to gather to inspire passion for the Church and stir our hearts for one another, because the Church is more than pastors and sermons, more than programs and services—the Church is the family of God, filling the earth with His Kingdom.

Bethel Redding Weekend is a special conference for our local church. We want to thank those who joined us for this special time together. Browse below to watch the prophetic words that were released over our church and the conference sessions.


  • Zechariah 4:6: “Not by might, nor by my power, but by My spirit.”
  • This will be a year where obstacles move out of the way quickly, and processes of preparation and excavation are being completed.
  • He is clearing space for us to plant new things. 
  • He’s not just building a house, He's building a community. 
  • He's planting the tree of life, a garden to dwell with us.
  • The Lord is going to do some quick finishes, and He's pre-build some plans He's putting in place.
  • He has prefabricated parts of the house that He is dropping into place, being built in remote locations with the angelic and dropping them into place. 
  • The hands that laid the foundation will also finish it.
  • He will make this house a house of true worship. 
  • God has been testing hearts to prove them true, and true hearts will rise up from this house. 
  • The move of true worship will be multicultural and multilingual, and it will release holiness and purity that will bless the nations.


  • Prophetic Verse for Our Movement: Psalm 84:11
  • No good thing will He withhold. Present day favor, future glory, honor, and splendor, and heavenly bliss. 
  • It is time to embrace a greater glory. 
  • We are called to be world changers (Gen 1:26). 
  • This is the most crucial time in human history, and God has found a people who embrace that they cannot do a thing without the Holy Ghost in Bethel. 
  • Isaiah 26:3: Keep our mind focused on Him.


  • God says, “My presence has made you a target, but your heart of purity has made you a magnet. 
  • The Spirit is drawn to us in ways we've never seen before. 
  • This is an amazing season of unveiling and breakthrough. 
  • He is laying the father's foundation in this season. 
  • There is, in this season, an anointing that will break the lid off of things, off of Redding and California.
  • Bethel has been faithful to maintain the fire lit many years ago, but a new fanning of the flame for renewal, revival, and reformation is here. 
  • The Lord has received the offering of our sacrifice of not only fire, but perfume. 
  • He's about to release to us something we've never seen, heard, known, or felt before. 
  • Because we have hosted the nations, He is setting a table for the nations to host us. 
  • There is a fresh anointing to governments, and bringing the kingdom into them. 
  • The Lord is releasing a gift of honor over the city of Redding. He has caused the city to set things in order and in motion. 
  • There's a new momentum coming from the mountain, and it will include face-to-face and heart-to-heart encounters. 
  • A new wave of signs, wonders, miracles, and presence is coming. 
  • Isaiah 66:1: God has found a church of His dreams, a house that would build something to host His presence and allow it to be felt in the earth. 
  • It’s time to explore new depths, new places, and new dimensions of the heart of God. 
  • Thank you for laying down your lives, and for hosting the nations.


  • So many history makers and world shakers are a part of this house. 
  • This is a harvest season for Bethel, of breakthrough and answered prayers, a harvest of souls, miracles, finances, opportunities, and of leaders. 
  • Just like Cornelius, there was a tipping point, and there's something being poured out now in this season because of the sowing. 
  • Bethel is a stream of pure water, undefiled and uncontaminated. 
  • God has wonderful things ahead, the glory is increasing, the fulfillment promised to you is increasing. 
  • This will touch every area of Bethel. 
  • Bethel is the real thing, and has planted so many things—I can't wait to see the size, scope, and shape of this harvest season.


  • What I saw was something I've never seen in the world before. 
  • Above the heads of the people in the crowd, I saw creativity bubbles. 
  • Bethel has stewarded creativity in worship for so long, worshiping the Creator with all means, now He was giving bethel the next level of creativity, that there would be solutions to world problems, downloads of how to solve problems, invent, etc. 
  • These solutions will expand the influence of Bethel, because what they stewarded in the presence will now be stewarded for society as inventions, innovations, ideas, and technologies to solve world problems. 
  • From that will come all kinds of schools that will help people solve the problems in society.

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