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About Bethel Outreach

We are a community of believers who live to serve the dream of God in Redding, California. We believe God’s heart is for each person to be connected to Him and His Body through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus, resulting in the wholeness of spirit, soul, and body and the expansion of His kingdom within Shasta County. We are empowered to pursue this reality through Christ’s unconditional love for us and our love for one another. We pursue transformation in individuals and communities in Redding by demonstrating the love of Jesus through meeting practical needs, healing the sick, bringing deliverance, and preaching the message of Salvation through faith in Jesus.


Jesus Dinners

Jesus Dinners is a sub-ministry of the Bethel Outreach Department. It exists to empower normal followers of Jesus to lead people to Christ and disciple them in the context of their daily lives. Jesus Dinners provides a place for passionate followers of Jesus to burn together and grow in their walk with God.

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Core Values

Outreach Core values

Our Culture: Everyday believers helping the lost experience and follow Jesus!

Surrendering to the Presence of Jesus

How we feel about it: Passion

Inward: We believe that in surrendering to the presence of Jesus we discover our identity as His happy children. His presence is where we are connected to the never-ending supply of His love towards us. In His presence we discover that He Himself is our reward, and this means that our love for others never has strings attached. - John 15:5

Outward: His presence is the place where we are filled with His passion for the lost and we discover that evangelism is an act of worship. When we surrender to His presence, we are able to see what love looks like for the moment we are in. His presence is the starting place, His presence leads us out, and His presence is the destination. He is the leader. — Acts 4:29-31

We Celebrate the Presence

Faith in the Power of the Gospel

How we feel about it: Boldness

Inward: We believe that the Gospel is the Good News about how God’s own Son saved humanity when no one else could. Our own Jesus story is what gives power to the message that we share with others. We also approach every impossibility with hope because of what Jesus did on the cross. Nothing is impossible!

Outward: We believe that the preaching of the Gospel gives people access to a living revelation of who Jesus is. A miracle happens in the heart of every person who hears the Gospel and then believes and confesses that Jesus is who He says He is. We preach the Gospel, and pray for healing, deliverance, and miracles on a regular basis. — Romans 1:16

We Celebrate Gospel Preaching

Intentional Acts of Kindness

How we feel about it: Love

Inward: We believe that love looks like making wrong things right. As we come to know the nature of God, we are empowered to do things that make His kindness tangible. This requires that we offer our time, our money, our will, and our energy to God so that He can be known through our lives. — James 2:17 & 1 John 3:18

Outward: Justice allows the kingdom to become evident so that people can believe in it. This means that we regularly take action to feed, comfort, encourage, empower and liberate those around us. — Matthew 4:17

We Celebrate Gospel Actions

Creating Healthy Relationships

How we feel about it: Joy

Inward: We believe wholeness looks like learning to love ourselves the way God loves us so that we can love people the way God loves people. Our personal journey of physical, emotional, and relational health is central to our life as a disciple of Jesus. As we cultivate a thriving internal world, we model the wholeness that we are inviting a broken world to receive. We must be disciples in order to make disciples.

Outward: We believe the world will learn to follow Jesus by following us. As we see people saved, healed, and delivered, we also make space in our life to connect with them so that they learn the ways of Jesus. This looks like inviting them to moments where they can study the Bible, spend time in worship with other believers, and begin to adopt this way of life. We believe we cannot truly disciple people unless they are a part of our life in some way. — Matthew 28:19

We Celebrate People

Everyone Activated

How we feel about it: Confidence

Inward: We believe that salvation qualifies and equips everyone to make Jesus known to the people around them. Because of this, we are diligent to go on a personal journey of discovering the unique ways that we were designed to share the Gospel with those in our lives. Jesus can use whoever will surrender to his passion for people, regardless of personality, gifting, or strengths.

Outward: We believe that the Gospel works all the time, everywhere, and with everyone. We allow God to move through us at home, at work, at school, and in all areas of our lives. We are a diverse group of people with the same passion: To win for the Lamb the rewards of His suffering. — Isaiah 61

We Celebrate Diversity

We believe love empowers love. Jesus Christ’s sacrifice of Himself made grace available that has the power to transform any individual's life. At the core of this transformation is the ability genuinely to love back. Christ’s unconditional love for us empowers us to love God and people with the unconditional love of Christ.

What We Do

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Breakthrough Breakfast

On Sunday mornings, we prepare and serve breakfast for the homeless and low-income guests from our community. We love being able to meet practical needs and lead our guests into a greater connection with the heart of God and church family. There are opportunities to serve in the kitchen, help make the meal, pray before we go out to the streets, and serve our guests with the love, power, and friendship of Jesus. We start cooking at 7:30am, pray at 8:30am, and go to the streets at 9:30am. Soon we will resume serving in the Dining Room—more info coming soon.

Lead by: Nathan Muller & Kelimar Vallecillo
Schedule: Sundays 7:30am-11:30am
Location: College View Campus, Kitchen

Benevolence Ministry

The Benevolence phone line receives 50-100 phone calls each week from people requesting assistance with rent/lodging, utilities, food, gas, and medicines. Our Benevolence volunteers primarily minister to people over the phone by returning phone calls to gain perspective on situations, discussing each case with the overseer to see if and how we can help, and then informing each person about the decision made. Our goal is to facilitate an encounter with the Father in a way that changes the person’s life, whether we are meeting practical needs or ministering the love and power of Jesus.

Lead by: Rob Armbruster
Schedule: Mondays & Thursdays, 9:00am-11:30am
Location: Lake Building, West Entrance

Juvenile Hall Ministry

On Sunday mornings our team goes to the Shasta County Juvenile Rehabilitation Facility. Our heart is to build relationships with the youth and to see Jesus transform lives through His Love. We teach the Word, encourage, and speak into the future of the residents there. Please note: There is an application process and vetting is required.

Lead by: Bonita Ahring
Schedule: Sundays, 8:00am-9:30am
Location: Shasta County Juvenile Rehabilitation Facility

Water Baptisms

Be part of the team that helps new believers take the next step in their faith journey! Once a month, at our Sunday night service, the Baptism Team teaches a class to those wanting to be baptized. You’ll get to encourage and minister to the baptism candidates and help facilitate their experience during the service. It’s amazing to witness each person making a public declaration of their faith in Jesus and encountering His resurrection life through baptism!

Lead by: Nathan Muller
Schedule: Every Second Sunday, 5:00pm-8:00pm
Location: College View Campus, Dining Room

Jesus Dinners

Jesus Dinners exists to empower normal followers of Jesus to lead people to Christ and disciple them in the context of their daily lives. Jesus Dinners provides a place for passionate followers of Jesus to burn together and grow in their walk with God.

Lead by: Nathan Muller
Schedule: Monday-Thursday, Dates & Times Vary
Learn More: Jesus Dinners

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Serve Opportunities


Interact with and minister to people from our city who are reaching out to Bethel for help with practical resources such as food, clothing, and shelter.

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Juvenile Hall

Minister to troubled youth (ages 10-18). Application, clearance form, and 3-4 week approval period for each case-by-case application is involved.

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Special Outreach Events

Volunteer with Bethel Outreach! Summer Block-Parties, Backpack Giveaway, Thanksgiving Celebration, and Holiday Feast.

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