Supernatural Weight Loss

April 6, 2016
A woman received supernatural weight loss and increase in energy and zeal for exercise.

A Healing Rooms and Transformation Center minister received a change in her whole body after having prayer for weight loss. Here is her testimony:

I went from a large to a small, and I could never wear these leggings before. Where I used to work, I was on my feet all the time. I walked through the whole place every day. But I retired in 2011 and started doing full-time ministry at the Transformation Center, where you sit all day. Plus I was getting older. I did not want to exercise. Between 2011 and 2013, I gained 50 pounds, which is a lot for someone of my height: 5'2. Then I started dieting and detoxing. It took me a year and a half to lose 30 pounds. Then I lost ten pounds, but I was so tired, and my schedule prevented me from exercising. My goal was to lose ten more pounds. I struggled to lose five pounds. I was in the shower one morning, and I said, "Lord, the stubborn fat, I really need help with this." That was a Saturday, my day to be in the Healing Rooms. I asked someone to pray for me. She said, "Why don't you ask Jared? He has prayed for someone else, and she lost weight." So I asked him and he prayed, and a heat came over me. I did not think anything of it, but it got hotter and hotter and I was perspiring. My hands were wet. The back of my neck was wet. I was dripping sweat from my forehead. I knew that was unusual because it takes a lot for me to sweat. He kept praying, and I said, "I don't know if I can handle any more heat." He said, "Check it out." I just grabbed the side of my pants because I knew I couldn't grab it because I had struggled to put my pants on. I checked my waist, and I could put my hand inside my pants. I went to the restroom and noticed my arms weren't hanging anymore. That evening I noticed my shoes were loose. I noticed my knees were different. They weren't chubby. I lost five pounds in three days. What's more, I discovered I had energy and zeal for exercise. That is new for me. What really impressed me is that I can say no to carbs. I have always loved carbs. I was addicted to them. I could not say no to them. And now I can do without them. I'm eating vegetables and fruit, drinking a lot of water and feeling energetic. I'm excited about changing my eating style and going to the grocery store and liking the greens. That's a new thing for me. I'm getting firmer. I've been measuring my whole body. I had not seen my mother in a month, and she noticed the change. I know it's a process, but it's like the Lord gave me a boost or a jumpstart. I'm not alone anymore. It's like He's my coach. The fact that He cares about what may seem like a little thing is touching. It's not little. It's a big thing to Him.

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