God is Always on Time

June 10, 2021
A couple unknowingly leaves a conference just in time to help save a couple and their home from fire.

At the end of a retreat back in April at the YWAM base in Chico, my husband Aaron and I left a few minutes early. We were just feeling done and needed to leave. It was in the afternoon. A little way down the road on HWY 99, we saw a plume of smoke break out right in front of us, so we turned around immediately. A greenhouse (so close to the owner’s house) had burst into flames, and the fire was spreading like crazy with the tall grass everywhere. Aaron and another man who had also stopped found hoses and began beating back the fire while I tried to find the owners. They were asleep in the house. We managed to wake them, save their house, move their vehicles, and put out the fire before the fire department arrived. Not so lucky for the greenhouse and yard.

It was so amazing because we thought we just needed to leave, not realizing we NEEDED to leave. We were passing by right as the fire broke out. They were asleep. What a magnificent Father!

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