Promised Baby Protected

January 18, 2017
A woman was able to conceived and have a healthy baby aftter 10years of struggle after her sister contented for her.

We received this testimony:In Sept. 2015, I was watching a podcast of one of the conferences Bethel had over the summer, and they prayed for women who were trying to get pregnant. My sister and her husband had been trying for 10 years and had had two miscarriages. So I claimed it for them, and I heard God say, "By this time next year, your sister will hold her baby in her arms." In June of 2016, a healthy baby boy was delivered by emergency C-section. She wasn't even supposed to go in that day to have her baby checked, but things got changed around and she went in so they could make sure the baby was all right, and they instead said, "We have to do a C-section right now." Clearly God had his hand on the life of this child. If it had been even an hour later, her baby wouldn't have made it. God protected his promise and brought it to fulfillment.

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