People Give Their Hearts to Jesus

April 11, 2016
People encounter the healing power of God and give their lives to Jesus.

BSSM students share testimonies from the outreach in L.A. leading up to the April 9, Azusa Now event: We just had a guy get radically born again! This morning before we headed out on the street, our team asked for words of knowledge*, and I wrote down on my phone at 10:28 this morning a guy with a leg brace on his left leg. One of the team members said that she felt like we should go down Sunset Boulevard. As we were crossing the traffic light, I saw the guy and told the team, "Hey guys, look! There's the guy with the left leg brace." We ended up talking to him and explained why we were there. I showed him the word of knowledge. We ended up praying and prophesying over him, after a lot of tears and accurate words, we lead Him to the Lord. Afterwards, he told us, "I feel high right now!" What makes that statement amazing is he used to be a drug addict! Praise Jesus!A USC student is born again! We started a conversation with a woman who had only heard of Jesus one other time at a party a while ago, but the story of Jesus sounded so far-fetched and so make-believe that she said it did not sound true. We re-presented the Good News of Jesus with her, and this time her heart told her we were speaking the truth! She wanted what we had: a love relationship with God and freedom from anxiety, rejection and isolation! After she said yes to Jesus, she said she felt "fresh." The blood of Jesus cleansed her, and gave her new life today! Praise God!My friend and I walked by a car with a woman sitting in it. Jesus gave me a word for her, and we walked up to her. She was sitting in her car, about to give up because school is so hard. We explained the difference between believing in Jesus and receiving Him and she said, "What do I do?" On her birthday, she understood that the Lord of heaven and earth loves her! She bawled her eyes out and received Jesus and the peace and comfort of Holy Spirit. Come on, Jesus!Salvation and healingThis morning I went to the pharmacy, and a guy came up to me and asked if I could help him decide which pain relief medicine to get. I said yes and also could I pray for him. I laid my hand on his shoulder, which had a pain level of about 8 out of 10, and it lessened. I prayed three times, and on the third time, it went really hot, and the pain left completely. He smiled went to return the medicine and went on his way. Later this morning, a friend and I came across a man who said to us, "You're going to pray for me, right? I heard that we need to get reborn." I said yes and led him in a prayer and got him to pray for the Holy Spirit. We have a new brother! Both these testimonies show that people are coming to us! L.A. is hungry! We are here to harvest what's already been prepared.*Word of Knowledge�One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, a word of knowledge is information God gives you about a current or past condition or event for another person. For example, you may receive a word of knowledge that someone was injured in a car accident when he was young. Sometimes people receive a word of knowledge for healing when they start to have a pain they don�t normally have or that they have no reason for. They call it out and find someone else has that problem and is about to be healed.

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