New Lungs

December 29, 2016
A woman receives new lungs and gets complete healing after the doctors said she will only have 48h to live.

Thirty years ago, a woman who had been a chef to celebrities in Greece came to America with her three children and husband, and then he left them. To survive, she had had to work three jobs without speaking English. She suffered so much that she started chain-smoking. Her 44 years of smoking led to severe COPD. Her stage-four lung disease required her to have an oxygen tank to function until the day that her lungs finally failed. After she was rushed to the hospital and put on full-blown life support, her family heard the terrible news: "lungs don't heal themselves," and she would have "only 24-48 hours to live." Eight doctors and two different hospitals all confirmed the same prognosis. She would never get off life support. It came time to pull the plug, but her family did not want her life to finish like that.While praying over her, two of her children had a vision of her dancing at an upcoming Greek wedding. Over Skype with the Bethel Healing Rooms, each family member received prayer and prophetic words. A family member got saved, and one got healed just in the atmosphere. Her son put a sticky note with the words "new lungs" on her heart while she was on life support. After another Skype session with Bethel, she radically came out of the coma, ate a hamburger the next day, walked within a few days, and told everyone of her encounter with Jesus. And the next weekend, she danced at that Greek wedding—completely healed. Her doctors have recently told her that it is as though she has new lungs. Having watched her youngest graduate high school, she is now pursuing her dreams: starting a big Greek restaurant.

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