Miraculous Protection in Car Accident

January 4, 2017
A woman gets protected by angels as she walks out from a car accident uninjured.

We received this testimony from a Bethel TV viewer:

A week ago I was driving to the gym at 5:45 a.m. and hit black ice. I tried to correct it three times but had too much speed. I cried out to Jesus, "Oh no! I can't fix this. Help me!" and I closed my eyes. I rolled my car three to four times. An off-duty fireman driving behind me stopped to pull me out of the car. Neither could believe that I was walking away completely fine with only a bump on my head from a crowbar that was flying through the car. All the firemen, police, and ER workers said they'd seen people die from accidents like mine! The bigger miracle is that my husband is still walking "towards" Jesus after 16 years of marriage (I got saved on our honeymoon flight), and his mother died in a similar accident when he was three years old. Jesus showed a friend of mine that He sent eight angels to hold me in place in my car so that I wasn't injured, and that God's not done with the miracles! Two days after the accident, I was contacted via Facebook that someone wanted to buy our car. It's a '97 4-Runner with 249K miles! We didn't carry replacement coverage because of the age and the miles. I pray that my husband will see the goodness of the Father in this accident and praise Him that our children did not lose their mom as he did and that he will give his life to Jesus! God is So Good!

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