Lung Mass Disappears After Doctor Prays

April 20, 2016
A huge lung mass miraculously disappears after doctor prays for the patient, with records to prove.

This testimony was shared at the Medical Healing Conference in Redding in April 2016. I'm an internal medicine physician at a VA hospital. During the conference, I was recalling a few patients. One that I had followed for years had a giant lung mass shown on a CT scan. It was 4 cm, big for a lung mass, and had all the features of cancer. I had prayed with him and his wife, and I believed he was healed. Six months later, I looked at a new scan, and I said, "What happened to the lung mass? Why didn't he get the biopsy?" After last year's conference, I thought about this, and I called the radiologist and asked, "What happened here? Is this common?" The radiologist looked at the two scans and said, "Did he have any back alley chemo? This doesn't just disappear." I said, "No, I prayed for him." She said, "You mean faith healing? I've never seen that. I don't know." The Lord had healed him. That was the only answer. He did not need the biopsy because it was gone.

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