Hip Surgeries Helped by Prayer

April 19, 2016
A woman's fervent prayers brought in heavenly assistance to complicated hip surgeries.

To illustrate the beauty of combining prayer with surgery, a woman from New Zealand shared these testimonies at the Medical Healing Conference in Redding in April 2016: My husband, Mark, is an orthopedic and spine surgeon. They called him in to do a hip surgery on a lady with melanoma. There is a lot of bleeding with melanoma. Usually these surgeries take two or three hours. My friend and I were praying that evening. We usually pray for the seven spheres in the marketplace. We felt we were to give thanks for His goodness. While we were worshiping and giving thanks, out of my mouth came the words, "Lord, will you just part the Red Sea for Mark?" A half hour later, he walked in. I said, "Mark, what are you doing here?" He said, "You won't believe what happened. It was as if God parted the Red Sea for me." Mark had done the cut, and it was like a garden hose, blood everywhere. He said to the anesthesiologist, "What is happening there?" He answered, "I am trying my best." They were thinking the lady was going to bleed to death. All of a sudden, there was no bleeding. He finished the surgery, and came home early. Another time, Mark was doing hip surgery on a lady in our church. There is a very rare risk of an anaphylactic reaction to the cement used. It's called "cement death." He put the cement in, and the lady just crashed. Right at that moment, I was praying with someone else in the waiting room, and we declared, "You will live and not die!" My husband said, "Watch this! My wife will be praying." It was 3:20, the same time we prayed. She died and came right back to life! I just wanted to share that because of the power of prayer.

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