Healing of Urinary Problems

April 19, 2016
An elderly lady suffering with urinary issues was completely healed and taken off medical aides.

This testimony was shared at the Medical Healing Conference by a physical therapist: In 2007, my mother (65 at the time) fell and fractured her neck. She had a spinal cord injury and was paralyzed from the neck down. She had reconstructive surgery and decompression of the cervical spine and started a long road of rehab. She was in recovery but unable to urinate. The accident paralyzed her muscles and bowel and bladder functions. The short end of it is that I had to go to Fresno to be with her at the rehab hospital for six weeks. I'm a PT. One day it was critical. If she could not urinate on her own, she was going to have to have a catheter placed permanently. She sat on the toilet, and I prayed that she would regain function of her bladder. I felt the power of God coming through from my head to my hands. My hands were on her shoulders and I felt the power of God touch her and she did, too. She immediately began to urinate and has never had to have a catheter since.

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