Healed of Chronic Pain

April 19, 2016
A woman suffering from severe pain all over her body was instantly and completely healed and set free from opioids.

This testimony was shared at the Medical Healing Conference in Redding in April 2016: A patient I have been following for many years has been challenging. She had pain all over her body and was on chronic opioids stronger than Vicodin. A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to lead her to salvation. She showed me where she was about to kill herself through slashing her wrist and had had tattoos of crosses put on there to cover up the incisions. I told her that she needed to get off the opioids because it wasn't helping her. One particular day, I prayed for her. She had severe pain in her ankle. She had a new injury and that ankle pain was getting her down. I was annoyed because I was running very late that day but prayed out of obedience that as she left the hospital, there would be no more pain. I heard from her three months later: "The moment I stepped out of the hospital, I was completely pain free." She got to her car and broke down crying, realizing God sees her. She went straight to Barnes and Noble and bought a Bible and started to read it. Most importantly, she came off the opioid medications on her own. She feels alive and excited and ready to go to church.

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