Calification and Stones Disappear from Ureter

July 14, 2016
A man with calification and stones from his ureter disapears when he is on the surgery table.

This testimony was sent in by friends in ministry and medicine:A Christian urologist recently saw the most significant healing he has seen in his practice. He said it's as powerful as the time the Lord created a new pancreas for a previous patient. He had a very sick patient that had a calcified ureter with stones all up and down it. It was solid from organ to organ. It was seen on x-rays many times and even a few days before surgery. The surgeon was going to surgically remove and replace it. He had been really praying over the surgery because it's very difficult, and he had a number of other physicians look at it. They all said to send the man out to another hospital. But the man was too ill, and the urologist knew it would not be good for the man if he were sent elsewhere; the patient may not live if sent elsewhere. The urologist agreed to do the surgery. He was praying the morning of the surgery, and the Lord said, "It will be better than expected." He went in to do the surgery, and all the calcification was gone, and the stones except a couple of tiny pieces at one end of the ureter were gone. There is no way that calcification and stones attached to the ureter could disappear, but God! Yea, God! The other urologists and interventional radiologists were amazed! The Christian urologist was able to tell the OR staff that they had just witnessed a miracle when he was closing! It was a powerful day! Good, good God! Better than expected! Exceedingly abundantly more!

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