A Walking Miracle

May 11, 2016
A BSSM student miracusouly recover after a near fatal car accident.

Second-year Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) student, Justin Fauth, has miraculously recovered from a near-fatal accident. Riding down a steep road at night, he was crossing a road, and a car turning left failed to see him and hit him. His head hit their windshield and broke both it and his front teeth. The impact of hitting the front of the car also snapped his femur in half. The ambulance got there right away, and he does not remember anything until two weeks later. The hospital contacted his parents, who live in Idaho, and told them he was in such bad condition that he would likely die before they got there. The doctor said, "Only God can save him now." That night, they had to remove the seven-millimeter blood clot under his skull. There was no brain tear or legions. They put him in a medically induced coma for nine days and inserted tubes in his throat to keep him breathing. He was on life support. Two days after the accident, they put a rod through his femur and screwed it. They put a tracheotomy in his windpipe five days after the accident. They still thought he was going to die. He was being fed and breathing through his mouth, and that was not working well. They later put the feeding tube in his stomach, and he was breathing through the tracheotomy. The tube caused a big infection in his stomach, so they thought he would die again. His girlfriend got a message at BSSM that he might die because the infection was so bad. They prayed at school. Later the doctor said he had fixed it. They thought his ACL was torn, but the doctor prayed and declared that he was wrong (though he just about never is). It was just the PCL, which is not as bad. He checked it over and over to make sure. The PCL tear is a lesser problem because it does not require surgery and will heal on its own. When the doctor saw the MRI, he said, "God healed that" because he knew that it really was the ACL the week before. Justin said of his hospital stay, "There was a lot of hope and peace. A nurse told me that medically, it is completely a miracle that this happened. My brain surgeon said he thought I was going to die, and he said, 'You are a walking miracle.'" Justin's girlfriend, Claire, added: "One day, they said, 'We booked him in to go to rehab.' We had no clue that he was OK. They started talking about cleaning his wounds when he got home. All we had been hearing was that he was going to be a vegetable." Asked her reaction to the negative reports they initially received, Claire said she thought about all the prophetic words he had been given, so she knew he would not die. Justin added, "My mom heard that I was not going to be talking for a while, and she was going to be taking care of me for the rest of my life, and I wasn't going to be walking again. My mom believed I was going to live the whole time because I got my tuition paid off a week before the wreck by donors. A month to the day after I got hit, I walked out of the hospital." Mentally, he's gotten everything back, and his memories are all there. He had hit his speech part of his brain, so they thought he would have to get that all back. He was talking through a tracheotomy when he came to, which you are not supposed to be able to do. His speech and communication were all there, and he has just needed to get his muscles back from having lain down for those weeks. Although his insurance was prepared to pay for 75 sessions of speech therapy, he needed only two. Justin said, "I have a way bigger appreciation for the power of prayer because of this whole thing. Miracles are so real. I feel like my walk with God is more connected. I am not bitter at the lady. The rehab center told me daily that I was going to have depression and seizures. My heart was too grateful to be depressed like that. I'm positive. God has done so much already, and He's going to do even more. I got there, and they were putting all my medicine into my feeding tube. After a week, they put me on a normal diet. A couple of days later, I was using a cane. A week later, I was not using a cane or a walker anymore." To look at Justin, you would never know he had been through so much just this year. He is serene and very, very happy.

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