A Miracle Job Opportunity

June 5, 2017
A visitor to Bethel finds a position at an incredible job after receiving prayer for a job mirable.

We received this testimony:

On Resurrection Sunday, I was visiting Bethel from the Bay Area for a weekend retreat with the Lord. During Sunday morning service, one of the pastors at Bethel released a word about employment needs and asked those who needed a job to stand up and receive prayer. I am a graduate student and was at that time thinking and stressing about how I would survive during the summer with no job. I had planned on doing childcare or office work but really wanted to do something related to my field, social work. A couple of weeks later, a professor forwarded me information about an amazing fellowship opportunity, full time, with a 10K stipend over the summer. I applied because the projects I would be working on would be a dream come true and give me much needed training in my profession. A couple of weeks later, I interviewed, and last week I found out I got the position! It's a miracle of God's grace! He is so extravagant!

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