Raises and Bonuses

June 5, 2017
Someone gets financial breakthrough and favor from their boss as they are moving away to a different town.

One of our offering readings that we declare as we give our tithes and offerings at Bethel Church contains the phrase, "Raises and bonuses." Recently, our church did a weeklong fast, and we have been getting testimonies of breakthroughs in various areas since then. Here is one from a church member:

I took a job last December that was less than half of my career pay because I feel called to stay in the area. I found out a couple of weeks ago that I have to move by the end of the month. I had no provision to move. In faith, I began searching for rentals. My boss called me into his office and not only told me he was giving me a raise but also said he heard I had to move and asked me what I needed. I said I had no money for the deposit. He opened his safe and handed me $1,000 cash and said it was a bonus. Praise God!

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