A Man Returns to Jesus

April 11, 2016
A man passionately pursued by the love of God returns forgiven and whole to Jesus.

Tony and Josh (both are Italian and speak fluent Italian) stopped at an Italian coffee place in L.A. Josh recognized one of the customers was an Italian man who was yelling in Italian on his phone. They ordered a coffee and sat down. Tony picked up an Italian card game with the intent of striking up a "God conversation" with the guy. The guy began to converse with Josh and Tony. He asked them, "Are you disciples of Christ?" He told Josh and Tony that he got baptized twice before, but that he had backslidden twice. Tony prophesied over him that 15 years ago he received a touch of God. Tony told him the enemy went after him with nightmares, but God is after his heart, and He is after his future. After two years of not going to church, this man had decided to attend church for the first time last weekend. God gave Tony a word of knowledge that when he was five years old or younger, he experienced a trauma. He started to cry and said, "My mom died when I was 2 years old." This six-foot tall, intimidating guy was getting moved by the Presence of God! Tony prophesied over him and said, "God is pursuing you!" The man said he wanted to kill himself a couple of weeks ago, but he encountered a couple of Christians, who encouraged him. Then he met Josh and Tony! He told them how he had an encounter in which he was seeing the numbers 765. Tony and Josh wanted to invite him to The Call. He said he planned to go to Azusa Now on the 9th. So Josh gave him his phone number. It happened to begin with 765! And the man was again astounded. About seven minutes later, another student met the man at a different location and had a word for him: "Today is a new day! God is giving you a fresh start!" He began to weep! He wanted to give his life fully to Jesus! Two others were there to give him words of knowledge, too. The theme Bible verses this man has been studying are from the story of the prodigal son. He felt so unworthy! Josh was able to point out how the Father in that story went out to meet the son and that he had already forgiven him. The nature of God is amazing in how detailed He is in weaving the details of the story together.

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