Press Release: Sean Feucht Hosts “Let Us Worship” Gathering in Redding, CA

July 23, 2020 Update

On Wednesday, July 22, 2020, Sean Feucht of Burn 24/7 hosted a worship gathering at the Sundial Bridge in Redding, CA called “Let Us Worship.” This event was hosted and financially supported by Sean himself, and was not hosted or sponsored by Bethel Church or Bethel Music. Sean and his family are valued attenders of the church where he is a volunteer worship leader. To our knowledge, the event included various community members, pastors, and church attenders from many local congregations in Shasta County, including individuals from Bethel.

As a church, we value the freedom of each person to express themselves, and people within our congregation have differing perspectives on what this means. Concerns were shared with Sean, and our team believed that a good plan was in place for guidelines regarding masks and social distancing practices to be followed. We agree that the plan did not get implemented to the level it needed to be at this gathering, and that is something that should’ve been addressed more seriously.

We recognize that much is at stake: local businesses are struggling to stay open, schools are hoping to host our children this fall, and Public Health officials are seeking to maintain health and safety. Now more than ever, it’s important for the entire community to carefully consider decisions and actions made, as we each seek to love and respect our neighbors. We share in the concerns of risk and potential negative impact that such an event could have on the recovery and reopening of Shasta County as we navigate COVID-19.



About Bethel Church Redding

For those unfamiliar with Bethel Church in Redding, California, we are a large local church that has grown in the last 15 years. About 11,000 people call Bethel their church home. Our statement of faith is consistent with Charismatic/Evangelical churches.

We appreciate and value all that God is doing through His larger, worldwide church and enjoy fellowship with the many great churches in Redding. All churches have an emphasis in their ministry. In addition to the good news of Christ’s love, we emphasize that Jesus promised signs would follow believers and that they would do even greater works than He did. So we believe all Christians can partner with God to do the same sorts of miracles today as He did in the New Testament. We often use the term “supernatural” to describe God’s active involvement in our lives. We believe God can heal supernaturally, but we also deeply value and access medical professionals, who have dedicated themselves to helping others and alleviating suffering.

You can find more information on our statement of faith and core values on our websites:, and