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The Legacy Roundtables

Oct 20, 2023
Arise & Build Update

What would the future look like if multiple generations chose to trust in the Lord, take Him at His word—believe that He is who He says He is, and that He will do what He said He would do? It is in response to the great pursuit of God’s love that together, as a movement, we have said “yes” to this simple mandate for more than 70 years. God has faithfully met our hunger for more of Him—coming face-to-face in personal encounters and becoming co-laborers to see salvations, miracles, signs and wonders.

As seasons change, our mandate remains the same. We are a people in pursuit of His presence, believing that revival will cover the earth, and impact every generation for His glory. This is why we’re hosting a  multigenerational conversational mini-series—The Legacy Roundtables.

We are in a unique moment in history, both in the world and in our church. At Bethel, we recognize the hour of a multigenerational revival, riding on the wind of a prophetic word that to get to where we’re going, it will require a multigenerational migration into the more of God. We want to invite you to join us for three impactful discussions with Bethel Leadership of many generations for The Legacy Roundtables. In this upcoming three-part series, you’ll hear from members of the leadership team at Bethel Church as they unpack the legacy of Bethel and share about where we've been as a church family and where we're going together.

Join us for the Legacy Roundtables!

The Legacy Roundtables, Ep. 1 | Multigenerational Revival and Leading Well Together

The mandate we believe the Lord has called to as a family, no one generation can reach alone. In this first episode of The Legacy Roundtables, Pastors Bill Johnson, Kris and Kathy Vallotton, and Dann Farrelly share about where we've been as a church family and where we are going together.

Have you ever wondered what was prioritized during the early days of Bethel? Maybe you're curious about what’s ahead as we've been in a season of building and stewarding seeds for the future. Tune into this in-depth conversation to listen and learn more!

The Legacy Roundtables, Ep. 2 | Bridging Generations & Stewarding a Fire of Revival

As a Church family, we are riding on the wind of a prophetic word that, to get to where we’re going, it will require a multigenerational migration into the more of God. In this second episode of The Legacy Roundtables, Pastors Taff Harvey, Hayley Braun, Ben Armstrong, and Richard Gordon share about the ways they are stewarding seeds of revival, and how they are seeing God move in power both at home at Bethel and across the globe. Listen in to hear their testimonies and may your faith be stirred for God to move powerfully in your own life.

The Legacy Roundtables, Ep. 3 | Answering the Call of the Future

God is moving powerfully across the earth! We are saying “yes” to His invitation to steward multigenerational revival, and answering the call of the future as we arise and build. In this final episode of the Legacy Roundtables, Pastors Taff Harvey, Havilah Cunnington, Gabe Valenzuela, and Steve Moore unpack what authentic revival looks like in its various expressions, what the impact of a community set on fire for God is, and what it means to build as a family. Listen in to hear testimonies of God moving in power across screens in our online school, and through events and mission trips.We pray you’re encouraged and filled with hope to see your family impacted by a powerful touch from the Holy Spirit!

About Arise & Build

We are building a new campus. On a spacious 58 acre property, the future Collyer Campus will provide a new center to accommodate the expansion of both Bethel Church and Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, with the core objective to resource and facilitate the training and equipping of passionate believers through classes, conferences, and weekend services.


Arise & Build Updates

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