Bethel—the People, the Vision, and the Legacy

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Bethel—the People, the Vision, and the Legacy

Nov 11, 2022
Arise & Build Update

An inspirational writing by Kris Vallotton:

In the oracles of history there are always a few exceptional individuals who by virtue or by new-birth push the envelope of human expectation and shape the destiny of nations. Often born into adverse conditions and in the midst of peerless times these revivalists refuse to be reduced to their circumstances; instead they somehow find the capacity of soul to rise in dark times and courageously shift society towards wholeness.

The 1st Great Awakening was instigated by two of these radicals who dared to defy the religious protocols of their day and instead moved in the power of the Holy Spirit. Jonathan Edwards and George Whitfield’s ministry’s literally shifted the course of history. Yet a large part of what fueled the Great Awakening was William Tennent’s “Log College,” which was often referred to by Whitfield as “The School of the Prophets.” Founded in 1726 in a small cabin in a backwoods community of Pennsylvania, (and in contrast to the great stone universities of England), the Log College graduated only thirteen students in its first year. But what’s often overlooked is that all thirteen of the original Log College graduates became pioneers in Christian education in America! And although the Log College would graduate fewer than a hundred students in it’s short history, fifty-one colleges, stemmed from this little school, including the famous Princeton University.

The Log College became a sort of Bethlehem giving birth to revivalist who dared to believe that they could change the world. The renowned professors ofWilliam Tennent’s day ridiculed his log school, yet little did they know in that insignificant community, Tennent was training and equipping world-changers.

Is it possible that history is repeating itself in our own obscure community? Could it be that this move of God birthed in the small mountain town of Weaverville is called by God to alter the course of nations? It just might be that we are in the midst of the third Great Awakening...that the 10,000 reformers who have come here from more than 80 nations to be trained and equipped are just the beginning of the fulfillment of the Prophet Isaiah’s vision of kings coming to the brightness of our rising.

We are obligated by the shear number of souls migrating here to be equipped for greatness to ready ourselves for growth. We must prepare our facility, enlarge our capacity, and deepen our resolve. We are not here to erect a monument to the glory of God!We are fueling a movement, forging a legacy, and hosting His presence. Like Antioch in the first century, we are preparing an apostolic center to mold future revivalist who will reach into the darkest corners of the planet with the good news of the Gospel of theKingdom.

With all this in mind, we must arise and a house for the a people who are equipped to restore ruined a launching site for the generations to a community that models “on earth as it is in heaven.” Please join us in this epic endeavor to transform the world until the kingdoms of the world become the kingdom of our God.

About Arise & Build

We are building a new campus. On a spacious 58 acre property, the future Collyer Campus will provide a new center to accommodate the expansion of both Bethel Church and Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, with the core objective to resource and facilitate the training and equipping of passionate believers through classes, conferences, and weekend services.


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