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About Bethel Sozo International

The purpose for Bethel Sozo sessions is for you to have a healthy connection with Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. This connection will lead to healing of wounds and lies and experiencing God’s love for yourself personally.

Deliverance is a byproduct of this healing process. We believe deliverance can be gentle and does not need to be separated from inner healing. Victims of severe trauma have experienced healing through the Sozo and Shabar ministries.

What To Expect

Sozo Sessions

Most Sozo sessions focus on reconnecting you to God in your areas of pain. When wounds, lies, and traumatic memories are healed and God’s love is freshly experienced, the enemy’s access point to you is closed.

Deliverance is a natural byproduct of this healing process and helps you maintain your newfound freedom. We believe that deliverance should be gentle and that it cannot be separated from inner-healing. Our advanced ministers are skilled in prophetic deliverance, too. Victims of severe trauma have experienced freedom and wholeness through a combination of Sozo and Shabar ministry tools.

Our Ministry Approach

  • Get to the root of issues hindering your connection with the Trinity.
  • Reconnect with each member of the Trinity and receive a fresh revelation of God’s love.
  • Heal painful/traumatic wounds and memories.
  • Experience the life of freedom and wholeness that God has for you.

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Our Team

Dawna De Silva

Transformation Center Director

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Teresa Liebscher is co-leader of the international healing and deliverance SOZO ministry birthed at Bethel Church and has been teaching the ministry since 1997. She founded the Shabar Ministry of Bethel Church and has been training others in Shabar since 2002.
Teresa Liebscher

Sozo International Co-Leader

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