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Fresh Start

Beginning a relationship with God is exciting, and can sometimes feel overwhelming, as you try to figure out how and where to begin. Know that the Holy Spirit will help you, and we’re here to support you, too! In the videos below, discover five simple truths from the Bible that will release hope and grace in your life. Meditate on and follow these truths, and you will start growing in your walk with Christ! We pray that you will be encouraged!


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 We would love to help you start a relationship with God. In this class, you will learn about:

  • God is the pursuer 
  • Being dead to sin, alive in Christ
  • God dwells with believers
  • Living a life of overflow 
  • The gift of the Holy Spirit 

Jump in the class and explore what it means to follow Jesus!

In-Person Class

Join the Fresh Start class as we embark on new beginnings together in community. Come grow in friendship and learn simple biblical foundations that will strengthen your faith.

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Online Class

We would love to help you start a relationship with God. Join us every Sunday at 12:30pm PST for an Online Discipleship Class where one of our Bethel pastors will help you begin your journey. Jump in the class and explore what it means to follow Jesus!

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You're Born Again!

Congratulations on choosing to accept Jesus’ love into your heart! Listen in as Tom Crandall shares his transformative journey with the Father. Awaken to the impact of turning to Christ with conversation from those ready to come alongside you with practical wisdom, personal experience, and support. As you surround yourself with knowledgeable friends, find resources for an accelerated walk with God in these videos.

God has been pursuing you long before you ever thought of Him.

Join Tom and Leslie Crandall, Pastors at Bethel Church, as they unpack the transformative power of giving your life to Jesus. Anchor this moment with the foundational truth that God has actively sought you throughout your life, and be encouraged as you foster a daily relationship with God through His Word. Hear personal experiences that highlight Jesus' demonstration of love and acceptance, and learn how to reject lies of inadequacy and respond to the Father’s grace.

Key Scriptures: Ephesians 1, John 14

Faith's Response

Read the Bible starting with the New Testament, spend time talking and listening in quiet with Jesus every day, and tell Jesus that He is your Lord and Savior. He has promised to always be with you.

We are new creations in Christ—dead to the old life and alive to please God.

Talk though your new identity in Christ with Pastor Tom Crandall as he shares his personal transformation when encountering God at 18. Emphasizing the centrality of the Cross, he explains that Jesus' sacrifice goes beyond forgiveness, bringing a fully new identity for those born again. Learn the beauty of repentance and baptism as a response to God's work in your life, and discover the significance of leaving behind the old life and embracing your new identity in Christ.

Key Scriptures: Isaiah 53, Romans 6:23, John 1:12, Romans 6, Acts 2:38, Book of Ephesians

Faith's Response

Get baptized as soon as you can! Baptism is a physical act that shows the inner reality that you are leaving behind the old life and rising in the new.

God’s presence dwells with believers who are following Jesus—the local church!

Pastor Dann Farrelly emphasizes the importance of being part of a church family, highlighting that God's love pursues each of us. Coming home to the Lord means we become a part of His family. Join the discussion as Pastor Dann clarifies the role of the Church in equipping believers for the mission of redemption and transformation. Be equipped to find a church that values God's presence, prioritizes the Bible, and fosters a healthy family atmosphere. Become an active and contributing member of your local church community as you steward your  spiritual growth and role in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Key Scriptures: 2 Corinthians, Galatians 5, 1 Corinthians 12

Faith's Response

Get connected in a local church right away! Find one that loves God’s presence, follows the Bible, and creates healthy relationships. We were created to thrive in healthy relationships. No one was created to live for God on their own!

A heart touched by the love of God will start immediately overflowing!

Be encouraged to live from the overflow of your life with God as Pastor Tom Crandall emphasizes the importance of sharing your faith and experiences with others. Pastor Crandall illustrates how expressing God's love can impact those around us, urging us to be bold in sharing our stories and encounters with Jesus. You are carrying God’s presence with you now, and through you, others can have an encounter with God!

Key Scriptures: Book of Philemon, John 7, John 4

Faith's Response

Tell someone how God found you and brought you into His family.

Jesus wants to give you a gift called the Holy Spirit.

Come alongside Pastor Hayley Braun as she shares her personal transformation through encountering the Holy Spirit. Discover how the Holy Spirit is not a mere addition, but the Spirit of Jesus Himself. Learn the role of the Holy Spirit as the seal of God, the deposit of inheritance, and the source of empowerment for believers. Experience the encouragement of receiving the Holy Spirit through repentance, inviting Jesus into one's life, and embracing the Spirit's guidance and comfort. End this special series with a prayer, as you begin to welcome the Holy Spirit into your daily life for a deeper connection with God.

Key Scriptures: Zechariah 4:6, John 14:15-16, 1 Corinthians 6:19, Acts 2:38, Luke 24, Luke 11, Ephesians 1

Faith's Response

Thank God for forgiving all of your sins, ask Him for the gift of the Holy Spirit, receive Him, and praise the Lord for giving you His presence.

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