Location: Redding, California
Leaders: Bill & Beni Johnson, Kris & Kathy Vallotton

The original Bethel Church here in Redding, California was founded in 1952. Bethel's mission is revival – the personal, regional, and global expansion of God's kingdom through His manifest presence. We are a congregation rooted in the love of God and dedicated to worldwide transformation through revival. It's our goal for God's love to be demonstrated in signs, wonders and miracles.

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In addition to our main Bethel Redding location, below are the churches that carry the Bethel name and values.

Location: Tyrone, Georgia
Leaders: Steve & Lindy Hale

Bethel Atlanta is an apostolic resource center to the South and we have a passion for community, our city and the world. We are not only building a church, we are building a kingdom way of life. Our culture is characterized by worship, the presence of God, family, honor, revival, miracles, and healings.

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Location: Austin, Texas
Leaders: Joaquin & Renee Evans

We are a church that passionately pursues the presence of God and seeks to continually be led by the Holy Spirit. We are passionate about equipping believers to become empowered saints and to raise-up leaders who will influence cities, regions and nations for Kingdom purposes. Our heart is to foster vibrant families and a thriving community. We are generous people willing to do whatever it takes to see lives transformed and revival sweep the nations so that Jesus gets His full reward.

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Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Leader: Steve Witt

We are a dynamic community of believers with a passion to inspire, connect, and empower people for the kingdom of heaven in Greater Cleveland and beyond. Join us at any of our three campuses to experience God’s presence, authentic worship, personal ministry and to connect with a church family.

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Location: Whangarei, New Zealand
Leaders: Andy & Diana Piggott

You love God’s presence and you’re hungry to see more of the supernatural kingdom breaking out through your own life. Maybe your heart resonates with what God’s doing at Bethel, but you’re not living in the USA?

At Bethel New Zealand you can be found in kingdom family and be celebrated as you live out your powerful destiny. Nau mai, haere mai - welcome to kingdom family releasing heaven all across the earth from the Southern Hemisphere.

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Location: Valparaiso, Indiana

To bring Heaven to Earth and glory to God through personal, regional, and global transformation created by a family of worshippers passionate for the presence of God and equipped to express his love in all areas of life.

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About Bethel Churches

Bethel Church in Redding, CA is on a journey to deeply understand what the Lord has called us to. As you might imagine, one of the things we are consistently asked about is church planting. People want to know if they can plant churches with us, or for us, and if we have plans to plant churches in various cities and nations around the world.

You may have heard us say, “We don’t feel called to be a church planting movement.” By this, we mean that we are not strategically planning with the purpose of planting churches around the world in mind. We feel that one of our primary callings is to equip the body of Christ to do the work of the ministry across all streams and denominations of the Church. Our passion is to see followers of Jesus walk in the truth, purity, and power that He walked in.

While we do not feel called to be a church planting movement, we have planted five Bethel churches in the past 15 years. So, what is our relationship with Bethel Cleveland, Atlanta, Austin, Valparaiso, and New Zealand, and do we see ourselves intentionally planting more?

Often, we articulate our connection with these churches in this way: In a family, every member shares the same last name, but each individual has their own first name. The family last name is grounded in DNA, core values, and shared mission. We each have the responsibility and privilege to carry out what that last name represents, but have the unique privilege of discovering and expressing who we are as a member of that family.

In a similar way, when we approach the five Bethel churches, we see them as sharing our family “last name”, but each carrying their own “first name”. These first names carry traits based on their location, leadership teams, and individual vision. Our goal is to see each of these five churches carry their identity along with the family DNA that makes them “Bethel” churches. Naturally, there are going to be differences in ministry approaches and styles, and we want to make room for these expressions in each one of these churches.

As a house, we’ve postured ourselves to live recognizing what God is doing and responding to that accordingly. We feel that any wine skin or structure should be built around the wine - in short, we want to do what God is doing. When it comes to the conversation about adding churches to our growing family, we have a similar approach and strategy: we want to respond to where we feel the Lord is leading us. We know that He is the One who goes ahead of us, and we want to follow Him into new territories as He leads.