Physical Healing

Throat Cancer Healed

March 27, 2019
A man gets healed from stage 4 throat cancer after watching Randy Clark Healing Conference on Bethel TV.

An individual had stage 4 throat cancer that was just healed. He has been on hospice for almost two years and was expecting to die at any moment. He was weak, eating through a stomach tube, and had had three separate times of bleeding. The first time he was in ICU. He said he was going, and they were not to revive him. Then he became unconscious. I declared life over him in his bed, and he woke up after a bit. That was back in 2015. The hospital thought it was to be imminent, and his family was called to come say their goodbyes. But God had other ideas. The second and third time he bled, he went to the ER, expecting to pass on. I kept praying life over him each time. After the third time, they put him on hospice. That was about a year and a half ago. That takes us up to the present. His condition on hospice was he was expecting to die any moment from stage 4 throat cancer. We watched the Randy Clark School of Healing and Impartation on Bethel TV. It was at the end of the healing conference when Randy or Bill got a word for a throat being healed. I looked over at Mark and said, �That�s for you.� Mark had a CT scan Monday. It came back as �no lumps or masses.� Today he had a visit from his hospice nurse and social worker. They told him they are taking him off hospice, and his nurse said it was a miracle.

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