Testimony About Prophetic Word

March 27, 2019
A woman receives a word of knowledge and prophetic word over her life that encourages her and boosts her faith.

I would love to share my testimony. I was invited to the conference by my good friend and mentor Mary. I came with an open heart and an open mind. I had heard of your church and the wonderful work you do in your community and the world. Two weeks prior, I had received an e-mail from your conference team that I was the last person to be able to register, so I felt very blessed. When Ben Armstrong and Stacey Campbell began to give words to people, I never in a hundred years thought I would stand or that I would recognize a call, especially in a room where all the nations were present, but Ben called out a word of knowledge: "Someone here has a connection with bees." I did not jump up as the room was filled with so many people that I thought, Clearly there must be someone else here, so I waited and looked around. I then opened my journal, which was filled with bees, and showed it to Mary. Ben called again and said, "I know you're here. I can hear it buzzing."

I then unzipped my boot. Even my socks were covered in bees, so I slowly stood up. Ben said that the hot honey of heaven would be released to heal people of depression and demonic oppression, that I had grace for people, and that I would be given honey from heaven to see these people come into their fullness. Wow! If that was not enough, I sat down in awe. Stacey Campbell then asked me to stand up. She said, "I see the spirit of Deborah on you to see a whole generation of captives set free," and that I would start a movement to set captives free and that a spirit of counsel would come over me. After I regained my thoughts, I was in awe of the Lord's voice.

Here is what I do: I work with Mary Hudson at Arise Ministries, where I am the director of the Diamond Girls, women we sponsor out of the Dream Center and shelter to take them out of their element to show them God's love. We have a three-day women's conference, where we provide them with a room and any necessities. We love them. We offer Jesus to them. This is my heart to see the captives free, to see the hurting become whole, to see the voiceless become a voice of power, to see victims become victors. My Jesus is good to me. Thank you, Bethel. The last was first.

P.S. I do love bees.

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