Physical Healing

Symptoms of Gallbladder Issues Gone

January 29, 2018
Someone's gallbladder symptoms are healed after watching a testimony video of Randy Clark during the Healing School.

A Bethel TV viewer sent in this testimony after watching the testimony video on the first night of the Randy Clark School of Healing in January 2018. She will contact us with the test results after being retested. I believe my gallbladder is healed. I have had gallstone issues for years and have been in the ER several times with pain. The last time around hasn't been without a bit of tenderness in my gallbladder/liver area for more than a day. As the video was playing and as Randy was talking just after the video, I believe I was healed. The pain is released. I usually cannot bend because it squishes my tummy and causes pain, but I can squish my tummy now!

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