Physical Healing

Symptoms of Autism Disappeared at Randy Clark Conference 2020

August 4, 2020
A little boy showing signs of autism gets drastically better after his school teacher stood on his behalf during a Randy Clark Conference.

While I was at the Randy Clark School of Healing & Impartation, a word was shared that God wanted to heal autism, mental disorders, and things of the like. Testimonies were shared of how God has been doing this around the world, especially by text message. We were asked to stand on behalf of someone who needs this healing. I stood on behalf of my preschool student, who is two and a half years old and has shown clear signs of autism his whole life. He is still so young that he has not been officially diagnosed, but his mom has already begun the process of having him tested and diagnosed to get him the support he needs. He was unable to communicate clearly—all his words came out jumbled and were incomprehensible. Typically, children his age are expected to have at least 50 words that they can communicate clearly. He was unable to make eye contact, even if his face was only a couple of inches from mine. When I would ask him to look at my eyes, he could only look around the room, and there seemed to be a disconnect in his mind. Randy had those standing take a moment to send a text to those we were standing for. Of course, this little one doesn't have a cell phone, and I don't have his mom's contact info, so I just stood and prayed for him by name. Once I got back home, I returned to work on Tuesday. To my surprise, he ran up to me that morning on the playground, looked directly into my eyes, and exclaimed, "Mrs. ___, I want to show you something!" This was the first time I ever heard him say my name or any understandable words, for that matter! He saw the deer-in-the-headlights look in my eyes and laughed, maintained eye contact with me, and smiled sweetly. A heavenly moment. He then led me by the hand to show me some rocks he found on the playground, telling me all about the rocks. I was in total shock. The next day, I told my partner teacher about what we prayed at the conference, and how he had approached me the day before.

Her response was, "I am so glad you told me that! I noticed a huge difference in his eye contact, speech, and interaction with others. All the dots are connecting! He is healed!!" That afternoon, when his mom picked him up from school, I had a chance to connect with her. I let her know that I had noticed a significant improvement in her little boy's eye contact and speech. Her response was, "You know what, I have noticed a significant difference with him at home over the last couple of days, too!" Hallelujah! God is so faithful and kind.

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