Physical Healing

Student Sees Mental & Physical Healing

June 23, 2021
A student is encouraged as God heals a man's wrist and begins restoring his memory.

When we were on the prayer line a man came up to me and slightly explained he had a memory problem, and there were things that he wanted to remember. Then he told me he also had hurt his wrist while skateboarding, and it had been locked up for a long time. After I prayed and his wrist was healed, I told him that as he left, all his memories were going to come back because he hadn’t told me he got anything back. Later that night when we went back to the church, the pastor told us as soon as I prayed, the man got the memory back of his first date with his wife! Then when he was walking back to his seat, other memories started flashing through his mind! I remember feeling so disqualified to pray for him and just was at a loss for words on how to pray for him! It was the first time I had seen a physical healing, let alone a mental one! It was beautiful!

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