Physical Healing

Stomach Problem Healed

January 8, 2018
A woman working at Bethel is healed of digestive problems and sickness after her colleage prayed for her.

Brandy Hassis, who works for Bethel, shared this testimony of healing after a colleague prayed:I was sick in bed for four days with a bad stomach problem: nausea, fever, weakness, etc. I didn't know if it was going to keep going or when it would finally pass (and I needed it to for many reasons: busy/about to travel/etc.)!�On the final night, (which I didn't know would be the final night) in the middle of the night, the pain and nausea were coming back in my sleep and subconsciously I said, �OK, God, how can we get rid of this?� I prayed for myself, and as I was falling back to sleep, I heard inside, however you explain that, the name Jared. I thought, Who?Then I immediately remembered Jared Balke from work, and I felt inside God was saying to contact him for prayer for complete healing.I waited until the next day and had the girls at work tell him to pray if they could. He called later that day as I was gaining some strength but still not doing well.�As he prayed, I felt warmth in my stomach area and God�s presence and joy. Then I noticed a couple of hours later I didn't even feelsick!�The real excitement was later on. I wanted to eat since I was so hungry from not eating, and Jared prayed I could eat what I wanted, so I finally ate a meal without feeling sick!I've come back to work and feel that my healing is fully complete! YAY, Jesus!(Also, I feel this connects with the testimony of Jared praying for me at a grocery store before he knew me earlier this year. I had some other stomach issues going on that left!)

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