Physical Healing

Shoulder Healing

April 18, 2019
Someone is encouraged to pray for their own healing and their shoulder gets healed.

In Pastor Bill's sermon, he encouraged all of us to pray for healing and rebuke the pain that was left from an accident. I completely messed up my shoulder a couple of months ago, and it would not heal, meaning I couldn't properly play with my children anymore. I lost faith in the healing ministry due to my failure to see miracles in the past. Sunday night, I opened my heart to God's power again, and at first, my shoulder did not change at all and still hurt really badly. Then Pastor Bill told us to pray again. I did so and prophetically lifted my arm, and the pain left completely.  Praise be to Jesus our Savior that He would heal even my shoulder to His glory! I went rock climbing on Monday, and my shoulder is as strong as it was before.

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