Physical Healing

Severe Plantar Fasciitis Completely Healed

June 8, 2017
A man gets healed from severe plantar fasciitis with zero pain after receiving prayer in the Healing Rooms.

My family and I have been coming to Bethel usually a few times a year from Tacoma. I usually haven't needed to receive prayer in the Healing Rooms until this time (May 27th). I have had severe plantar fasciitis in both feet for over a year now. I have had custom inserts, different shoes, medications, and ointments—natural and prescribed—to no avail. The pain after work would be level 8-10 and in the mornings or the middle of the night an easy 10+ getting out of bed. I had a genuine fear that in an emergency, I wouldn't be able to act fast enough to protect my family. I went to the Healing Rooms and received prayer and felt the pain leaving. It was level 9 waiting at the front for prayer, and it took a lot of strength to wait. I am so glad I waited. Malcolm came and prayed for me, basically pounding faith back into my heart. The next day was the first morning in a year I could get up and walk around barefoot with ZERO pain. I was able to get up in the middle of the night when my daughter had a bad dream without thinking of the pain at all. I am now at home and able to run again and do my job quickly and efficiently without pain! Thank you, Jesus!

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