Physical Healing

Severe Digestive Issues Healed

August 27, 2019
Someone receives healing from serious digestive issues and can eat whatever they want again, during a worship night at Bethel from a word of knowledge.

I just wanted to share a testimony of healing from the worship night on June 9th. During the speaking part of the service, the guest speaker from New York City called out a healing word of knowledge for digestive issues, specifically, for being able to eat foods again that you used to enjoy eating. I had my hands raised at the time and felt shivers go down through my arms. To give you an idea of how severe my digestive issues have been, thirteen years ago I had a really bad reaction to a burrito that sent me to the ER and left me with a 3800-dollar after-insurance medical bill. Expensive burrito! My food issues have gotten much more severe over the years and are often very hard to predict. Last year after eating at a salad bar restaurant with my family on my wife's birthday, I had a terrible reaction and ended up passing out and falling on my face on the pavement after leaving. This resulted in a busted crown and a lot of scuffs/scabbing all over my face. After the service on June 9th, I have daily tested my healing to see what I could eat. I can eat pretty much anything I want and as much as I want. Praise God! There are no side effects or reactions at all like before. Everything is digesting normally and without any issues. After two and a half weeks, I really needed to share this testimony. This might not be a big deal for some people, but I like to eat. It's life-altering to be able to eat what you want without having to worry about getting sick. I just have to thank Jesus every day and share this testimony with as many people as possible. Time after time, I have been encouraged by testimonies shared at Bethel. I want to thank you for fostering the atmosphere that you do.

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