Physical Healing

Severe Back Pain Gone!

June 29, 2017
Severe lower back pain is gone during worship and encounters.

Tuesday afternoon, a pastor from Sweden, went to the trampoline park with his kids. He has not worked out for ages, so he had pain in his lower back. The pain was so severe that he could not lie down or sit down without extreme pain. Every time he moved, it hurt. When he came to the Kingdom Culture Conference Wednesday night, he couldn't stand up during worship because it hurt too much. He can't remember what they said at a particular moment during worship, but it was something like, "Turn your face to the Lord, and invite the Spirit to come on you." He started to pray for himself, from his toes to the top, and around halfway, he felt the Lord say to him, "I'm going to heal you." He was not sure if that was God or himself. As the feeling kept moving up, when it came to his head, it was like the wind was spinning around him. From then onwards, the pain was massively reduced, making it possible for him to stand and take part in worship fairly normally. Progressively, in the next 24 hours, it continued to go down, and as he shared his testimony on Thursday evening, he could barely feel it.

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