Physical Healing

Series of Disappearing Tumors

August 27, 2019
During the Healing Rooms, tumors the size of golf balls disappear.

In the Healing Rooms on Saturday, June 2, 2019, four women lost tumors around the size of golf balls. The first had asked for prayer for problems with her knees and ankles. After she received prayer, all the pain left. Then she mentioned she had a tumor on her left breast. The team prayed, and she felt something happen. She checked it in the restroom and saw that it had shrunk. They prayed again, and it was gone. She released the testimony from the stage. Another woman received prayer for her knees, fell out in the Spirit on the floor, and lay there laughing for ten minutes. While on the floor, she heard the first woman's testimony and heard the Holy Spirit say, "Check for your lumps." Twelve years ago, she had silicone breast implants. Then eight years ago, she started getting sick. She was tested, and her lymph nodes were swelling and silicone was all through her body. A huge tumor was removed from her neck, but they said they could not remove all her lymph nodes. She had golf ball-sized tumors on her neck and armpits. When she heard the Holy Spirit say, "Check your tumors" she checked them, and they were gone! She was laughing and crying on the floor at the same time. She, too, publicly released her testimony. Another woman had a large tumor on her back right next to her spine.

She heard the testimony and said, "I want that!" She received prayer, and the tumor went down to almost nothing. A fourth woman was feeling sad because she wanted it, too. She had a huge tumor on her neck, her thyroid. The team prayed for her, and they could see the swelling going down. She fell under the power of the Holy Spirit, and they prayed again, and it was gone!

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