Physical Healing

Rotator Cuff & Hip Pain Gone

January 31, 2018
A woman is healed of hip and rotator cuff pain while viewing the Randy Clark School of Healing and Impartation on Bethel.TV

I just want to share a testimony about what happened while we were watching Bethel.TV during the School of Healing and Impartation. My wife's right shoulder rotator cuff was torn from helping me during the time of my surgery (which is another story in itself). She had an MRI that confirmed it, and it could take up to three years to heal correctly. She tore it in Dec. 2016, and for a year now she has not been able to raise her right arm over her head or do any rotating or cutting motions with that arm. For many months, she was unable to drive because of the motion that is required by the arm when turning the steering wheel. As a secondary issue, since she could not sleep on the right side (to avoid pressure on the arm), her left hip joint became inflamed and very painful. Even though she was not supposed to sleep on the right side, because her left hip hurt so much, she opted to sleep also on the right side, which further amplified the pain in the right shoulder, and then her right hip joint started to hurt. She has been dealing with hip pain for about two to three months now. We tried different mattresses to help alleviate some of the pain but to no avail. Sleeping was becoming quite a chore, and in the morning, she did not know what was going to hurt worse, the hip joints or the rotator cuff in the right shoulder.

The weekend after the School of Healing, we were supposed to drive to Nashville from Detroit to help our daughter pack to move. I told my wife that I didn't know how she was going to make the eight-hour drive to Nashville with the hips in such pain and having to sit for so long. I also mentioned that she might not be able to do much to help since she was in so much pain from both hips and right shoulder. We still decided to go and help with what we could. During the first night of the School of Healing, someone called out her condition. They mentioned the hip pain in both hips and also the right shoulder and specifically called out the rotator cuff. We actually didn't expect much, although we have seen God heal her of severe food allergies instantaneously in 2012 after a prayer. We know that God is fully able; we just didn't expect anything and maybe didn't want to be let down by unfulfilled expectations. As they started to pray, my wife said to me, "The pain in my hips is gone," and she raised her right arm without any pain in the shoulder. She tried several times to do what she could not do without pain, but the pain did not come back. She did not feel any heat or cold. The pain just disappeared, so we decided to test it. If God did the healing, it is healed. That night she slept without pain and in the morning woke up after a good night's sleep (which she had not had for several months).

We drove to Nashville, and she worked the entire weekend, packing with no pain. She had no pain driving eight hours there and back. No pain packing boxes of stuff for three days straight. God is so good. God works in wonderful and unexpected ways. We should never put Him in a box. He can do all things.

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