Physical Healing

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Healed

March 27, 2019
A woman gets progressively healed from an incurable disease and gains faith along the way.

I started having nerve pain and swelling in my left calf on Sept 29, 2017. A few days later, I had nerve pain in my right hand and then eventually in my left hand. In March of 2018, the nerve pain started in my feet. During this time, I had burning, tingling, numbness, and sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures and water. I eventually had swelling in my right hand. My hand would turn purple and feel like ice. I also had skin and vessel changes in this hand. This led to an RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) diagnosis. There is no known cause and no cure for RSD, nor was there for most of my diagnoses. The treatment was pain management. I felt like someone had set me on fire; the burning was intense at times. I was on an anti-seizure drug to control the pain, but I was in pain 24/7 even on the medication. During this time, I experienced vision loss and developed chronic constipation, and my TMJ worsened. In the fall of 2018, I started IVIG infusions, which not only did not help, they only initiated more problems. I started having facial neuralgia, migraine headaches, and tinnitus following the infusions. I stopped the infusions. Over my 16-month journey, I saw 12 different specialists (ED physician, PCP, orthopedist, neurologist, orthopedic surgeon, neurosurgeon, rehab medicine physician, pain management physician, neuromuscular specialist, specialty pharmacist, chiropractor, and ENT specialist). I tried supplements, light laser therapy, essential oils, creams, wrist braces, antidepressants, seizure medications, steroids, muscle relaxers, laxatives, megavitamins, migraine pills, infusions, and multiple diets. I had a CT, ultrasound, two MRIs, four EMG nerve conduction studies, skin biopsies, X-rays, and a hearing test. I had people from six or seven churches in three different states lay hands on me in prayer during this time, each depositing healing and specific words. On January 27, I reached a new low after trying a new medication the week before and not being able to tolerate it. That date is when I realized the enemy was attempting to get me to commit suicide, and I said out loud, "I will not take my life! Not only that, but the enemy is going to have to watch me not take my life!" Monday, January 28 is when I knew I was healed and saw the first physical manifestation of it. On the 28th the Lord reminded me of a dozen things spoken to me over the last couple of years by pastors, friends, doctors-things I had heard or read. The Lord showed me what was true and what was not. That day I knew I had no disease, and my body was not broken. I had diagnoses and symptoms, but I was not sick. I had full revelation I was healed at the cross and did not have to settle for anything less. The Lord used several people and teachings over a year or two to help me see that my body was just speaking. He wanted to heal me not only physically but also emotionally. I started speaking to my brain and body. I also started writing things down and acknowledging emotions I had repressed. My symptoms started to fade. On Wednesday, January 30, I took my last pain pill, and my hands felt normal for the first time in a year. I had my first five minutes of having normal hands again! I had so longed for the day I would not have to tote medications everywhere with me or watch a clock for when I could take the next pill to get relief. I had to give up running, which I loved and slowly stepped away from doing ministry with my church. I had used up sick time and spent thousands of dollars. After having felt like everything in my life was taken away, now I have my life back! I appreciate the little things like showering, raising my hands to worship, flat ironing my hair, all things that used to cause me pain. The list could go on and on. I am already running again! I'm on no medication. I had a full revelation I am fully healed, which means no tendonitis of my foot or knee problems or allergies. I pet my dog for the first time in years. He had to go live with my parents. I can pet him now, and nothing happens. I now have normal temperature regulations and don't have to wear a sweatshirt the majority of the time anymore. Now I can travel out of the country with no fear. My vision is back to what it was before September 2017. And I believe I will see the day I have 20/20 vision, which I have never had. A week after January 28, it dawned on me that Pastor Bill had declared 90 days of breakthrough at the Leadership Conference in Bethel in October 2018. On October 31, when I came to that conference, I spoke with Pastor Bill about my brother's death and my health issues. We talked about my blaming myself for things. Bill told me that what had already been going on in my mind had now caused my body to turn against itself. He asked me to pray after him. When he started, he said, "Your healing starts now." I came into full agreement with that. The word "start" to me meant it would be a process, and I was okay with that. We prayed about my being willing to carry peace and forgiveness. I forgave myself that day. I received healing from my migraine headaches at that time, also. He canceled a tormenting assignment off my life. I was filled with joy. In terms of the 90 days of breakthrough that Pastor Bill had declared, day 89 for me was January 27.  That day, I saw that the enemy wanted me to commit suicide like so many who have RSD. Day 90 is when I was healed and had my first physical manifestation of healing. I learned if I keep pressing forward, my freedom is on the other side. Because of the small revelation I had on that Sunday, I marched into Monday, not having a clue what was going to happen. And Monday was the day I had the full revelation of my healing.Every day God has taught me more. I don't fear pain. I don't fear a headache. I know without a doubt that my body was healed on the cross. I've learned how to deal with my emotions differently than I ever had. There are so many things He has taught me about myself like how perfectionism had condemned me my whole life. I have my life back.

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