Physical Healing

Range of Motion Restored in Knees

August 8, 2022
Chronic knee pain was healed and range of motion restored at the Bethel School of Healing in May 2022.

We received this testimony from a visitor to the Healing School 2022:

My family and I attended the Healing School. It was our first time at Bethel. I went with the
intention and expectation for God to fully heal my knees from a knee injury nearly two years ago
that I incurred protecting and preventing my daughter from falling off her bike. She had been
healed by the Lord from pediatric epilepsy, and I didn't want her to fall and hurt her head. Instead,
as protective mama bear, I fell hard on the pavement, landing on my right knee, then my left. I
thought I would be fine once I got up. Although nothing was broken, I had chronic knee pain and
was unable to stand or sit long or do any strenuous leg exercises.

When we were receiving prayer in the room, a hippy older gentleman prayed over my knees, and
he prayed the trauma would be released from my knees. My knees felt significantly better, but I
still wanted to confirm they were healed when I got home. I just came back from my first physical
therapy appointment since I was at Bethel, and it was confirmed: my range of motion on both my
knees is beyond healed!! I gave glory to God and told the therapist, “God healed my knees!”
and said "Thank You, Jesus."

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