Physical Healing

Food Allergy and Thyroid Disorder Healed

March 27, 2019
A woman coming to the healing conference with her husband gets healed of serious food allergies and digestive issues and belives she was healed from a thyroid disorder.

I went into the conference with various health issues I was battling, and I had never been to a conference like this, so I really didn't know what God was going to do, but I was expecting something. I am a born-again believer, and I believe it is God's will to heal. My husband and I have been on a journey of discovery for the last few years about healing in the atonement and the supernatural gifts and have been learning how to stand in that and operate in those giftings. God is faithful to equip us, and He opened the door for us to come to the conference to learn more and for me to be delivered and healed. Well God did not disappoint! I am beyond thrilled to report that Jesus healed me of terrible food allergies/stomach issues! I had been on a very restrictive diet for four years and had to give up a lot of food just to somewhat function without hurting and reacting in my immune system. Well, God touched me the first night of the conference in a major way that I had never experienced before, and I believe that's when He healed me. However, it wasn't until the last night of the conference that I tried to do something I couldn't do before, which was go out to pizza and ice cream with my hubby. I was so giddy like a little kid crying tears of joy! There was no way I could have eaten that stuff before without major reactions and pain. But I'm so happy to say I had NO pain, and I have been freely eating ever since, anything I want! It's truly miraculous and a gift from God! I'm just singing His praises with that Bethel Victory Album every day! Hallelujah! Not only that, but I have also battled with a thyroid disorder for the last 10 years for which I was on medication, which the doctors said was for life. On the third day of the conference, a girl who had never given a word of knowledge called out for thyroids to be healed. I stood up immediately claiming that one for myself, and I just knew God had healed me because I asked Him that morning for confirmation that my thyroid was healed, too. God is so good! I stopped my medication in faith, and I have been feeling great ever since! I plan to get my thyroid tested by my doctor in a month or two, and I will let you know the praise report! But I know that my thyroid is healed! Amen!

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