Physical Healing

Healed and Saved Portland 2018

January 2, 2019
A teen gets healed from her cutting scars, gives her life to Jesus, and gets baptized in the Holy Spirit.

I just went on the Portland, Oregon, outreach with Chris Overstreet. It was amazing! I had asked God for a new convert, and He sent her to me on Saturday, a 16-year-old precious girl I'll call M. She had almost committed suicide the day before. She had been going to church for a year, but felt she had a wet blanket over her head and couldn't become a Christian. Another Bethel student walked her from the altar to the room I was waiting in to pray for her. When I laid my hand on her and prayed for her, she immediately fell under the power of the Holy Spirit and started shaking for about 15 minutes. Then, she sat up and was in complete peace. I said, "M., I think you need the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Do you know what speaking in tongues is?" She did and agreed for us to pray for her. When we started praying, she immediately spoke in her prayer language fluidly! It sounded like she was reading a book.

When she finished, she said, "What happened?!" She was in shock and so was I that it all happened so quickly! Then, she felt something changing in her arms. She lifted both sleeves on her arms and discovered all her cut marks were completely healed! She was blown away, as were all who saw it happen. I asked for more details about this. She had been cutting herself for some time, and the last time she did was the day before I met her. I took pictures and she will send us the before pics she took. Then, when I talked to her on the phone a few days ago, she said she feels like she's on fire for God! She shared what happened with her youth group, and they prayed for her. She thought a devil left her. She invited a friend (another suicidal girl who does cutting) to church on Wednesday night, and her friend received Jesus, too! Praise God! M. is getting water baptized soon.

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