Emotional Healing

Peace from Bad Dreams & Anxiety

July 11, 2018
A university student is touched at a Heaven Come event and speaks in tongues for the first time.

My nephew is seven years old and has been experiencing extremely terrifying dreams, so bad that he's been scared of the dark. At this conference, and the days before, my mother and I have been praying for him and taught him a prayer to say before he goes to sleep. Whilst at the conference, they spoke a piece of Psalm 4:8: "In peace, I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, Lord, make me dwell in safety." What's so awesome is my mom told me that verse two days before and said to pray this over my nephew so that he could have sweet dreams. And when they had us pray over our dreams, I prayed not for myself, but for my nephew. Since then, my nephew has said that he has had no dreams and that it's just filled with light, and we can hear him laughing in his sleep. God is so, so good! I have frequent anxiety attacks, and to help calm me down, I listen to "So Will I" by Hillsong United. It feels like I'm taking a huge, deep breath, and it is so peaceful. What's awesome is that Amanda sang that on the last day, and she said my exact thoughts, that the song gives her a breath. I immediately broke down in tears and began to speak in tongues, something I had never done before.

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