Physical Healing

Out of a Coma & Going Home

March 29, 2021
A man experiences supernatural healing.

This testimony was shared with us over a Zoom Healing Rooms session:

We started at my church in Victorville, California, a Supernatural School of Ministry last March, and we are using BSSM Equip. I want to share a testimony. My son’s father-in-law in England, Giovanni, had gallstones. He had not gone to the bathroom for five days and ended up in the hospital and had to have surgery. His situation was so bad that he had liver and kidney problems, and during surgery, he ended up with collapsed lungs and was in the ICU for a month. Two of our students prayed with me practically daily, and one of the students was on a Zoom call with a friend, as she prayed for Giovanni, the friend had a vision of him in his hospital room with light all around him and heard the Lord say, “Giovanni shall live and not die.” At the same time that she had the vision, the doctors said he would not make it, and he just went into a coma.

But God!

A month after the vision, Giovanni woke up and asked for Italian food. His doctors said he would need dialysis, so we prayed again, and they came back and said he would not need dialysis. The doctor believed he would be in the hospital for a long time, and his rehab for speech and recognizing things would take a long time. Well, he is talking and recognizing things, and the word today is that he will be released from the hospital on Monday. Praise the Lord for He is good!

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