Physical Healing

Mysterious Cough Healed

June 28, 2021
A man's mysterious coughing and difficulty swallowing are healed after prayer.

I had been experiencing coughing and difficulty swallowing for some time. I wasn't sure what was wrong, but I suspected it was something serious. I was going to go to the doctor on July 6th to get checked out.

I took a couple of days off of work so I could come to Bethel and get prayer. When I arrived on Friday, I went straight to the prayer house. The Lord told me to leave after two minutes after I took communion, which surprised me. As I was leaving, an older woman with a walker was coming in. I stopped to talk to her, and she told me she was an intercessor. She shared that she'd had a healing ministry. I asked her to pray for me, and she did.

Later that day, I had a sirloin steak and all the things that go with that from Outback Steakhouse. I had no coughing or symptoms in my throat afterward like I'd had before. On Saturday morning after breakfast, I didn't have any symptoms, either.

I ran into the woman who prayed for me later, and she shared a creative miracle she had seen on a mission trip to Cairo. That testimony boosted my faith even more.

I was so happy that I got healed within a half hour of arriving at Bethel and said, "God must have known I was coming."

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