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More Healing Testimonies from Randy Clark Healing School 2018

January 29, 2018
Many participants of the Randy Clark School of Healing and Impartation are healed of pain.

Here are more testimonies from people who watched the Randy Clark School of Healing and Impartation 2018:

  • I was watching the conference tonight (Friday) & had injured my knee earlier this week, and I was wearing a knee brace for support. I could not go up or down stairs normally all day. As I was listening to the testimonies, I took off my brace and began to walk around and then run around my house.  I am more than 80% healed and just went up and down the stairs normally! Thank you, Lord.
  • Hello from Taiwan! My husband and I were watching the Facebook live of Randy Clark, and we both got healed! He has been having severe headache for weeks. He had pain in his neck and shoulder and felt bad almost every day. But God healed him just when we were watching the video! As for me, I was just watching and enjoying God's presence (even from just watching the video), but in the end, Randy called out for pain in the heart, and I did have that for a while, so I stood up in front of the laptop, and I felt 80% better right after he gave all the words. I do not feel any pain after the prayer! God is so good!
  • I was watching Randy Clark and my right shoulder had been hurting because I had surgery in July, 2017, but while he was talking, I realized my shoulder wasn't hurting anymore. Praise God!
  • I was watching last night and plantar fasciitis was called out. I've had such bad pain in my heels that it would wake me up all night long. After being receiving prayer through the chat line, I only had very minor pain last night! I might not have even woken up, but my husband woke me up when he went to work. Yay God!
  • I "happened" to catch Randy Clark's healing service last night on FB Live. I listened till the end, testing my left shoulder the whole time. (I have not had full range of motion in my shoulder due to pain for probably over a year now.) Although I did not get healed last night, I woke up this morning with FULL range of motion!
  • Pain left from my left ankle inside. Pain left from my left eye. My eyes are reading 80% better. Pain left knee.

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