Physical Healing

I'm Not in Agreement with Pain Anymore!

March 30, 2021
A woman receives freedom from pain.

We were at the Healing Rooms training last week, and Chuck Parry was talking about the presence of the Lord and how sometimes we unknowingly come into agreement with pain. He asked those with pain to stand and partnered people up to pray for each other. A girl came over and prayed over me. I had prayed for the pain before and had received prayer.

I’ve had pain in the mornings getting up, and stiffness. I was thinking things like, Is it something I’m eating? Is it this or that? Trying to figure out what was causing it was part of coming into agreement with it. I have had it for a few years now, kind of slowly progressing and getting worse. I was making excuses for it when the Lord just wanted me to say no, that’s not Him.

I felt an impression from the Lord to speak out, “I am not in agreement with pain anymore!” Something was pressing me that evening, “Say it!” I looked at the girl praying for me and said, “I think the Lord wants me to say this, so I will just speak it out.” As soon as I spoke that out, it felt like gloves going down my arms, and the pain went away. The pain broke when I said that I was not in agreement with it. We both rejoiced, and I shared what happened with the people in the room.

I went golfing on Saturday and golfed 18 holes, and I have had no pain afterward. It usually took me a day or so to recover from something like that.

I’m thrilled that the Lord brought me to the point of understanding, “This pain is not My will for you.”

All glory to Jesus!

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